I’ve deleted everything here in yet another one of my attempts to figure out why I have so many blogs and social media accounts to express myself, even though I have very little of importance to say. Ideally, I’d like this blog to be more long-form collections of thoughts rather than streams of 280-char tweets. Tweeting is an addiction and one that I long to break free of, honestly, even though I put no visible effort into it. I want to be able to write in paragraphs and pages again, not just threads of truncated tweets!

I’d also like to get away from just dumping video game screenshots here wholesale. I’m not saying I’m going to get into the whole Proper Video Game Review™ business (that looks like quite the mess) but I would like to come up with better, more interesting ways of saying, “This was a good game. I liked it because it was good.” I feel like I don’t explain things very well, and would like to improve on that. For starters, I have the tendency to say a lot of words to convey basically the same message over and over. I am also really bad at comma placement in general (as well as parenthetical interruptions, like this!).

The only way to get better is to start getting better, so, uh… tally ho and away we go!