I couldn’t find time to write today, eep. But three quickies:

  • Trying to get back into comics, or to be more precise, get my husband to read English comics so I have someone who will pressure me into getting back into comics. Yeah, I dunno how my brain works, either. I’m trying to get him started on Chew, while I try and polish off Usagi Yojimbo‘s back catalog once and for all.
  • Watched sumo, which might be one of the very few sports I can watch for longer than two minutes without being bored out of my mind. I don’t know anything about it, but I love the whole “psyche out your opponent and throw a bunch of salt” phase before the matches start.
  • It might snow in Kanto tomorrow for the first time this winter, so uhhhh, that’s certainly something. Wonder if it’ll be too cold to ride the stationary bike…

Okay that’s a wrap gotta go byeeeee