Fish bones

Tonight’s dinner was a hot pot full of bits of fish. I guess in winter, the egg sacs inside of the fish are more prized than the fish meat itself, so they sell these chopped up leftover parts super cheap: the fins, chunks of its back, the head and spine. You know in old cartoons, the kind of fish parts that you see cats try to run off with? You can buy cases of them super cheap, freeze them, and use them as soup stock. If you throw them in the hot pot, it makes everything smell wonderful and hearty even if the soup itself is pretty thin. The only thing is that little meat there is falls off the bones fairly quickly, so you’re left with all these fish bones sticking up out of the soup like needles. When I’m feeling especially morbid, I remember the bubbling pot full of bones into which the witch was preparing to throw Hansel and his sister Gretel.

I’m once again late with this blog post. I’ll probably be late with the one tomorrow as well since I’ll be out til evening, at the earliest. I shall leave you with an awkward conversation I had with someone this morning:

Is it cheating to put bits of my Twitter on here? Nah, other blog writers do this all the time, I should be covered. See you tomorrow when (hopefully) I’ll have thoughts on BOARD GAMES FINALLY.