Moving hosts

I’m not really back from hiatus, but I had to pop in quickly to say that I’ve switched webhosts and moved eeeeeeeverything over. There may be broken stuff lying about but I can’t be bothered to hunt them down. I also basically recreated one of my other (personal) sites from scratch and moved over my English lessons website. I AM SO TIRED.

Anyway, the hiatus keeps on rolling, see you all next Monday, maybe.



Think it’s time to face the music. Today I was pushed far beyond my limits and am too exhausted even to complain about it. I need a break from thinking about this blog for a while. It’s one tiny bean being lifted off the pile crushing down on me, but it’s all I’ve got. I did my best, I’ve got a solid month of blog-writing in, even if most days I just wrote excuses about how I’ll be back later with real content.

I don’t want to set a deadline for myself because then what’s the point of taking the bean off the pile, but if I don’t set a deadline then I fear the next time you hear from me will be 2020. Let’s say… til next Monday? Gimme a week. One week.

‘Til we meet again!


Too tired

I meant to write about all the board games we played yesterday, but oh my god I am so tired. I have been doing chores all day, then I ended up getting work out of the blue (!!!), and then at night we ended up playing more board games. I started a draft but I am just so drained. I need a break. I need a break from making all these excuses.

Today is the 29th so it’s been exactly one month since I started this daily blog project. This isn’t exactly the auspicious one-month anniversary I wanted. Tomorrow I have a long day of work in Tokyo which is already a total nightmare because of the morning rush.

I hope I can find the energy tomorrow to write tomorrow. I just haven’t been up for it at all these past few days. I don’t want to give up this daily blog project but also I can’t think of anything I want to do more in the world oh my god.



Okay, I know, another Aside. I am a monster.

I’m going to have to figure out how I’ll keep up these daily blogs during the week since I am just weary after working all day in Shinjuku.

I read more of Wicked Wonders on the train home at least. I’m not finished yet, but I have written up thoughts up on each of the short stories as I read them. I’m going to try to finish this sometime soon (tonight? tomorrow?) and write up a fer-real review during my break tomorrow.

God, I just realized, tomorrow I have to work all day in Shinjuku and then teach evening classes in Yokohama. What is my life. What am I even doing.



Just got back from my first day back at work after nearly a month away, and man I am tired.

I can’t think very well right now, let alone write. I first typed “right” just now, that’s how tired I am. I am the kind of exhausted that you read about in Greek epics.

These came yesterday though:

So, THAT’S cool.