Thoughts on Rin-ne Vol. 1

I kind of feel like I was cheating with this volume since I’ve seen all the first and second seasons of the anime. I already knew everything that was going to happen, and anyway the first volume of a manga series like this is just the usual introductions to the characters and universe. In all honesty I could have skipped this since it was all covered in the anime anyway, and there isn’t really much to say about it since there aren’t too many differences between the two.

One thing that makes me cackle though is how rude Rinne is to Sakura, at least in these first few episodes. He never quite gets to Ranma levels of assholery, but he calls her おまえ and isn’t impressed when she clings to him. I won’t say I’m disappointed that he eventually (spoiler) falls for her, since smitten Rinne is also pretty cute, but these early episodes when he is just baffled by her is kind of great.

This was also true when I was watching the anime, but I LOOOOOOVE Sakura. I love that she’s not the annoying shrew that Akane and Kagome were in Ranma ½ and Inuyasha, respectively. I love how she is this strong, self-determined, curious character without having to fight with everyone to prove it. She just is, and it’s great. I love her.

Similarly to how I felt about the anime, I’m not in love with the whole “Rinne is poor, that’s the joke!” that a lot of the series is premised on. It’s one thing for poverty to be a central issue for why he is a shinigami, and to explain the situation when it’s found out that he lives in an abandoned school building and lives off the offerings left to the school’s weather box, but it’s sometimes uncomfortable for “jokes” like Sakura being cut off partway through saying “Rokudo is poor.”

And finally, Rokumon is too cute for words.

Look at this cute patoot.

That is all.


Sick day

I was hoping to get more reviews done today, or at least a longer blog entry. Unfortunately, my husband took the day off of work because of a cold, and I’m also not at a hundred percent. I have been reading manga again though, so hopefully I can get something up about that soon? I’ve also decided that I’m going to start logging manga towards my Goodreads goal of 50 books in 2018. It’s kind of cheating but it should count if I’m reading in Japanese, dammit.

First volume of Rin-ne, plus new cloth book cover underneath.

First volume of Rin-ne, plus new cloth book cover underneath.

I bought the first 25 volumes of Rin-ne used in one big bundle. My goal is to make my way through it at least one chapter per day. Ideally I’d like to make it one volume a day since manga goes by so much more quickly than a regular book, but we’ll see.

I also have the full set of Drifting Classroom (漂流教室) on the way. It looks like 2018 is the year I finally throw pretense to the wind and embrace the secret otaku dork I have always been.

Head is throbbing, so gonna go lie down. See you all back here tomorrow.