My personal wager to myself to see how long I could keep up daily blog posts has gone better than any previous attempt… which might not be saying much since my current streak is only just over two weeks long. Of course, I started this round when I was in the middle of a nearly one-month break from work, so the real test will begin once I start commuting to Shinjuku again from Tuesday.

I’ve flip-flopped on whether I should give myself weekends off, since it’s hard to find time to myself with my husband at home. I feel like since we don’t have that much time together during the week, it’d be selfish of me to be tapping away at this blog instead of giving him my full attention. But I’ve been making do so far with the spare moments. Not to mention, scheduling posts to go up in the future, like I’m doing for this one! I guess we’ll see if I can keep this output going even after work begins in earnest.

I’m pleased with how I have relatively few Asides, even though I caught a cold this past week and have been under the weather. Again, I may need to rely on them more as my workload gears up for spring, but I feel like I’ve got a good momentum going of posting a good 300-500 words minimum per day. Future goals will be to bump that up to 1,000/day and work on series and features, but I’m satisfied for now with how things are going.

I would, ideally, like to start writing more reviews. I’ve only got one “full” review up (Slow Bullets), and started cheating with Reviews Done Quick and Thoughts On. I am also pretty unsatisfied with the Slow Bullets review, if only because I had such lukewarm feelings about the subject and am so unfamiliar with the genre. It’s hard for me to write about things I love, but paradoxically I don’t really do enough to step out of my comfort zone so the only things I consume are things I’m predestined to love.

I also still spend far too much of my time oversharing on Twitter. It’s handy in many ways because I can belch out my first draft thoughts there and then compile them in WordPress later, but also I just need to get out of my head, and Twitter is sort of the worst for that. The end of my (too) long winter vacation should hopefully give me the kick in the pants I need to take part in the real world a bit more…

Anyway, thanks for following along for the past two weeks, let’s see how much longer this can last!


I’ve deleted everything here in yet another one of my attempts to figure out why I have so many blogs and social media accounts to express myself, even though I have very little of importance to say. Ideally, I’d like this blog to be more long-form collections of thoughts rather than streams of 280-char tweets. Tweeting is an addiction and one that I long to break free of, honestly, even though I put no visible effort into it. I want to be able to write in paragraphs and pages again, not just threads of truncated tweets!

I’d also like to get away from just dumping video game screenshots here wholesale. I’m not saying I’m going to get into the whole Proper Video Game Review™ business (that looks like quite the mess) but I would like to come up with better, more interesting ways of saying, “This was a good game. I liked it because it was good.” I feel like I don’t explain things very well, and would like to improve on that. For starters, I have the tendency to say a lot of words to convey basically the same message over and over. I am also really bad at comma placement in general (as well as parenthetical interruptions, like this!).

The only way to get better is to start getting better, so, uh… tally ho and away we go!